Are you craving Eugene's Pizza,  but live miles and miles away? 

No problem.....We can satisfy your craving in no time.  We will ship you a pizza, via overnight delivery, to your front door (or wherever you may desire).

The pizza will arrive 1/2 cooked and frozen.  All you need to do is follow the 1/2 cooked pizza instructions & savor the flavor.  

Make sure you'll never run out again-- pre-order and keep your freezer full.  

Here at Eugene's Pizza we understand the "cravings" for our one of a kind Pizza.  We offer care packages to help eliminate those cravings. 

Care Packages are not only for yourself, but for  your family and friends as well. 
Are your college kids coming home every weekend?  Do keep asking yourself the same question,  "How do we make them stay at school?" 

Well here is our solution.

Send them a care package from Eugene's Pizza.  It's a win-win situation.  You will enjoy a weekend or  two, kid free.    Ahhh.... peace and quiet, something you thought would never return.

Your kids may even gain some new friends once the word gets around that they have Eugene's Pizza. 

So don't delay - -  Call & order a care package today.
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Care Packages