Eugene's pizza was started by a man named Eugene E. Barger in 1962 (Eugene passed away on January 17, 1999)

In October of 1967, our dad and mom, Arlie and Mary Sue Knodel, purchased Eugene's pizza from Mr. Barger after only 2 days of consideration. When Arlie was ready for his first day in the new business, he had $40.00 to his name to fill the cash register…. A bit spooky to say the least.

Since the name was already established in the area for about 5 years, Arlie and Mary Sue elected to keep the same name.  They very successfully ran Eugene's pizza from 1967 until 1992.

In 1992, Arlie and Mary Sue sold Eugene's pizza to their son's Jeff and Sam Knodel. Jeff and Sam have continued to operate Eugene's Pizza with the same high level of commitment that Arlie and Mary Sue established throughout their tenure.

Eugene's has been in the same location since 1962…. That's over 40 years of wonderful customer service…just how it's supposed to be!

 Although our pizza will speak for itself, may we add that we sincerely feel Eugene's Pizza is the finest pizza available anywhere at any price!  We take pride in each product made from our own time proven recipes. Each ingredient is carefully selected for it's individual flavor. The crust is made from our own dough preparation and our sauce spiced to perfection under our own hand. This insures you, our guest, the greatest eating pleasure.

Eugene's is designed as a family type house, so bring the kids. We will be happy to cater your group, no matter the size (Call in advance for larger groups).


Jeff Knodel & Sam Knodel
-Eugene's Pizza has a wonderful reputation as well as a huge following of loyal customers, young and old, near and far. There are numerous accounts of college kids driving as far as 280 miles on a Friday night to get their Eugene's Pizza "fix".

-Eugene's is a source of great pizza that really goes the distance. I'm talking about half-cooked pizza's to go. People enjoy our half-cooked pizzas all over the country. They have traveled to Billings (quite regularly), Denver, Spokane, Seattle, North Dakota, California, Missouri, etc.. The list goes on and on. We even have people call and ask us to mail them a "Care Package." We do this  several times a year.

-Eugene's has successfully emerged after Pizza Hut entered the scene. In fact, Eugene's was very successful when there were four other restaurants with pizza as their main draw. Slowly, the other pizza offerings were fading &  Eugene's remained number one.

-Eugene's has roughly 10 smaller towns that surround Glasgow. Athletic tournaments, fishing, boating, hunting, shopping, and the taste of Eugene's pizza brings people running to Glasgow.

-Eugene's has a full line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats to compliment and extend their already wonderful reputation. T-shirts and hats are the most popular gifts for friends, family, and of course yourself.

-Eugene's has always been a family orientated restaurant. Kids and adults love to watch the pizza-makers throw the dough high in the air and make the pizzas right in front of them. Eugene's has never served alcohol in 40 years of operation.

-Eugene's brings in people from all over the world. One story I'll never forget was about a man and his daughter from Amsterdam. They happened to see something about Eugene's Pizza in a Chamber of Commerce information packet, so they decided to try it. The father said they try pizza everywhere they go, and they were not disappointed.

-Our average "cheese use" per month is 1,333 pounds. In the year 2000, we used 16,203 pounds of cheese

-From October 1st of 1992 (the day Jeff and I took over) until October 1st of 2001, we used over 144,000 pounds of cheese. That's over 72 tons of cheese in 9 years.
Arlie & Mary Sue
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